The Fine Tunas

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Tartu Bluusiklubi
Red Empreror live
Emajõe bluus
Suveterrassi Live
Pärnu Blues Festival
Porkuni Bluus
Uue Maailma Street Festival
Blues Estonia Open Mic + Jam
Gunnar Graps 16. Remebrance Concert




The Fine Tunas is a simple, yet delicious composition that plays music from mild sushi to fast underwater zigzags.

For years Liisi had been looking for a guitar sound to match her voice. Riho, with his electrical blues sound, was the one Liisi found! A common musical cognition (or common taste in music) was the key aspect that led to a sustainable composition and inspired them to consistently play music together.

The sound of the Tunas touches the edges of blues, rock, western and country. Beside Liisi’s extraordinary timbre, the audience will certainly notice Riho’s stirring guitar solos firmly backed up by Don on the drums and Mike, the Australian born bass player.

The band’s first performance got very positive feedback. „I don’t know how to react to this!“ wondered Riho then. When just a few days passed, an invitation to Estonia’s largest blues festival followed. As an experienced Augustibluus’ sound guy Priit Pajusalu wrote: “Everything worked like clockwork! Liisi is a good singer with a great feel of soul and blues. Riho’s guitar solos were tasteful and precise, very good sounding.“

The purpose of it all is to offer the audience a fresher point of view from the ordinary.

So if you’re tired of eating Estonia’s Baltic herring in tomato sauce, then try this finely seasoned tuna instead!







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